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    Your pension is a team game

    Published on March 01, 2015

    Running a pension is a big job. Your Silver Thatch plan, like all pension plans, is guided by a team of experts working together to make sure the plan can grow your savings and pay pensions now and into the future. The plan is governed by a six-member Board of Trustees, elected by the membership at ...


    Is borrowing from your pension a good idea?

    Published on December 05, 2014

    Grand Cayman’s pension home loan program continues to grow. Since the program’s start in November 2011, the Department of Labour and Pensions has approved over 506 pension home loans, with a total value of $10.3 million. This is up significantly from 137 pension home loans, with a total value of...


    Evolving to match your lifestyle changes

    Published on September 05, 2014

    Your reasons for saving can change over time. Early in your career, the focus may be on buying a new car or saving for a house. By mid-career, it may be saving for your children’s education. And as you approach the end of your career, the priority is likely saving for retirement.


    Know your goal

    Published on June 05, 2014

    Generating enough retirement income to live comfortably requires a large pot of money. But how much do you actually need to save? To set the right goal, you need to know how much income your savings will produce at retirement.


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